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 Who you believe you are in relation to the Creator is vitally important to your approach to life. It is my belief that establishing a spiritual life practice is the foundation for success in all aspects of one’s life. It is the doorway to peace, happiness, prosperity, and success. All of us have spirituality. Our spirituality includes anything that helps us to feel connected to our inner self, the Creator, and our life's purpose. Spiritualty may be expressed in religious ways or through things not usually considered as religious such as creativity, connecting to nature, the arts, etc.

  • Many of us have been raised to believe in religious systems that no longer work for us.
  • Maybe you were not raised to be religious at all but feel drawn to spirit and unsure of how to choose a path.
  • You may have explored different spiritual traditions and find it perplexing to determine what really works for you.
  • You're unsure how to integrate different practices such as meditation, chanting, art, yoga,  or reiki into a personal spiritual practice that works for you.
  • Maybe you desire to find your path to self-empowerment.
  • You may be searching for an understanding of how to maintain your beliefs during times of crisis. 

Well, the good news is that you don't have to figure things out alone. As an ordained Ifa/Yoruba priestess and Spiritual Life Coach, I can offer you support, guidance, and encouragement. With these key tools, you will grow towards clarifying your beliefs and establishing a spiritual life practice based on your unique personal preferences so that you have a deeper connection to spirit and your divine purpose. 

My transition from Christianity into African Spirituality has given me the experience needed to assist others in making that change. Whether you are coming from a Christian, Muslim, interfaith or another background the basic issues of embracing a new spiritual practice are the same. What will my loved ones think? How can I be sure this is right for me?...

Schedule your FREE 30-minute conversation by phone or webcam to discuss your concerns and how I might help. To schedule your session, click the blue Calendly link below or call me at 954-612-0627.

To determine your needs coaching sessions may include focused discussions about the following.  * Spirituality vs. religion. *Your daily routine *current spiritual/religious practices *physical health *family life and structure *romantic life * social life * meditation * prayer*personal rituals * physical exercise * types of healing * professional & career life.

What you can expect: respect, confidentiality, patience, a listening ear, commitment, honest nonjudgmental feedback, compassion, empathy, and homework

Integrating Your Spiritual Paths 

Spiritual Life Coaching