​​Inspiring and supporting people of all ages as we evolve through life by sharing and offering spiritual consultations/readings, spiritual life coaching, classes, and Reiki training.


J. Efunlayo Maxey, M.Ed., is an ordained Lukumi/Ifa/Yoruba Priestess trained in traditional African rituals/ceremonies and the Merindilogun (cowry shell) divination system of the Lukumi/Yoruba tradition of Nigeria, West Africa. Member of the International Institute of African Studies & Knowledge, Inc. Efunlayo is a traditional Reiki Master/teacher, retired teacher and school administrator. She brings to her practice a diverse background of experiences and studies that allow her to assist those who may be wondering how to bridge the gap between metaphysical principals and the mainstream spiritual practices.


efunlayo@gmail.com                  954-612-0627​