​​​​                      Inspiring and supporting people of all ages as we 

                    evolve through life by sharing and offering spiritual                        consultations/readings, spiritual life coaching,                                  classes, and Reiki training.

J. Efunlayo Maxey is an initiated orisa priestess of Obatala trained in traditional African rituals and divination. She has initiated priests and mentored many clients and students who have come to respect her work. Efunlayo was initiated in 2001 by Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade with whom she continues to work closely in all aspects of the tradition. Using her experience as an educator, she designed a spiritual life coaching program as well as a journaling curriculum to support others in their efforts to embrace the traditions of their ancestors. In addition she teachers a variety of classes and workshops on African Spirituality to adults and children. As a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 12 years, Efunlayo is well known and sought after for her Reiki certification classes for children and adults. The classes emphasize energy healing from an African perspective. Efunlayo was a teacher and program administrator for over 30 years with the special needs population gaining various experiences that have proven invaluable in her present work. She earned her bachelor's degree in education from Tennessee State University and a master’s degree from Howard University.